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Monera Elise is a Writer, Content Creator and Consultant.


She specializes in:

Dreamscape collage artwork & exclusive licensing

Album covers - Music, Meditation & Hypnosis

Design - Social Media content, websites, presentations, book covers, marketing material

Copywriting & proofreading projects


Monera has worked with a range of clients in various industries, helping them to develop effective strategies and creating content for their brands. With a background in research and investigations, Monera utilizes her attention to detail, providing innovative ideas and creative solutions.


Monera is also deeply passionate about working with ethical companies and charity organizations. She believes in using her talents and expertise to make a positive impact on the world around her, and seeks out opportunities to collaborate with organizations that share her values.

As a consultant and content creator, Monera works with businesses and non-profits that prioritize sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical practices. She is committed to helping these organizations tell their stories in a way that resonates with their audience, while also promoting their mission and values.

Monera Elise is also a collage artist known for her dreamscape creations. Her artwork transports viewers into a world that is simultaneously surreal and ethereal, with each piece telling its own unique story. Monera's collages are meticulously crafted, with each element carefully selected and placed to create a cohesive and captivating whole. Her work often incorporates elements of nature, vintage imagery, and unexpected textures and patterns. 

Monera’s artwork is greatly inspired by the ocean and celestial realm. Her unique use of images and layering techniques creates a sense of depth and movement in each piece. Through her art, Monera invites viewers to journey to a world beyond our own, where the beauty of the ocean and the cosmos converge. A space where we explore our imaginations and connect with the mysterious and magical aspects of life. 


Monera has a love for reading, learning, and books. She believes that reading is not only a source of entertainment, but also a way to expand one's knowledge and understanding of the world. Throughout her life, Monera has been an avid reader, consuming a wide variety of books and genres. From classic literature to non-fiction, she is always seeking out new ideas and perspectives to challenge her thinking and broaden her horizons.


Over the past seven years, Monera has also operated a successful pet sitting business, caring for hundreds of pets. She is the author of Super Sitter Pet Care eBook and offers Pet Care Coaching and training online to clients globally.



Monera is currently writing Celestial  Dreams, her debut collection of poetry due for publication in 2024.

Celestial  Dreams will be available for purchase at independent bookstores and online retailers Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

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New eBook Release

Super Sitter Pet Care

  • How to start your business with minimal start up costs and overhead expenses

  • How to operate your pet sitting business

  • Examples of Platforms and apps (USA/ Canada/UK/Australia/NZ)

  • A template for creating a professional and compelling profile

  • How to avoid issues with clients & pets

  • Pet Care

  • Customer Service

  • Health & Safety​


Suitable for students, those who work from home, retirees, stay at home parents, and anyone who is wanting to earn an income whilst enjoying the companionship of a pet. You decide your rates, the services you offer and your schedule.

Cover Art by Monera Elise

Featured Client: Candice Tomlinson

Candice is a Personal Coach, Business Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist, and Learning & Development Specialist.

Social Media- Candice Audio Series.jpg

Rest and Restore Meditation

Candice Tomlinson

A restorative meditation guide to allow you to escape the busyness of life and replenish your energy.  This is a simple, yet powerful audio to relax both your mind and your body, revitalizing you with vibrant energy to tackle the rest of your day.

Building Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence

Design & Cover Art by Monera Elise

When insecurities prevail and that inner critic is becoming louder and louder, listen to this audio for renewed self-esteem and self-confidence.
If you are about to step into a high-stakes meeting, deliver an important presentation, prepare for an interview or simply need a reminder of how incredible you are, then this audio is for you.

Self Esteem.jpg

Easing Anxiety

Cover Art by Monera Elise 

Whenever you are feeling anxious or stressed, take some time out to listen to this audio for instant calmness. This audio will ease anxious thoughts and reinstate a crystal clear and perfectly calm state of mind.

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